Selection process

The selection process for the training course in Sandplay therapy is ended.

The IBTSANDPLAY’s training institute is an official and permanent organ of INSTITUTO BRASILEIRO DE TERAPIA DE SANDPLAY, which operates under its own rules and was created with the objective of offering training and teaching for candidates and therapist members of the Institute.

a. Pre-requisites:
1. Major as physician or psychologist, registered at CRM or CRP, capable of professional practice according to the rules of the appropriate control entity on the date of registration.
According to the Brazilian laws, those who have foreign universities’ certificates should present a validation proof of the diploma.
2. Proof of a minimum of 50 hours of individual analysis, taken in a process manner, with an analyst member of renowned institutes.

b. Required documentation:

1. The candidate must fill in, print, initial, and sign the necessary documents and send them with his or her personal documentation.
2.  2 colored pictures (9 cm × 6 cm or 7 cm × 5 cm, passport-like). The picture will help identifying the candidate, avoiding impediments of the members that participate in the selection process.
3. Proof of valid registry at CRM or CRP in 2 copies;
4. Declaration of number of hours and time-period of analysis process signed by the analyst in 2 copies.
5. Professional résumé (A4 paper size, 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman font size 14) in 2 copies.
6. Brief personal biography and subjective description of relevant facts that led candidate to choose this training (A4 paper size, 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman font size 14, 5 pages maximum) in 2 copies.
7. Proof of payment of the registration fee.
The registration fee will not be returned to candidate if he or she gives up or is not approved in the selection process.
The candidate must send the required documents in two spiral-bound sets, to:


Rua Deputado Lacerda Franco, 300, cj. 44, Pinheiros, São Paulo, SP

CEP: 05418-000

c. Selection process
d.1. Résumé and personal biography analysis.
d.2. Written examination – reflexive composition on a proposed theme.
d.3. Interviews: the candidates will be asked to be interviewed in São Paulo-SP (with no exception).
Dates and location will be informed to each candidate.

d. Final result of the selection process

The final result of the selection process will be announced on the IBTSANDPLAY site,

e. More information: