Rules for Publication

  1. We request that they be delivered in CD (recorded in rtf – rich text format or .doc of the WORD) accompanied by three printed copies, obeying the norms described below.
  2. The articles should contain:
    1. Maximum 20,000 characters with spaces
    2. Page with synopses – min. 100 and max 180 words
    3. Five (5) keywords
    4. Cover page with brief biography of the author (3 lines), your mailing address, telephone, fax and e-mail
    5. Authorization for signed and dated publication, on separate sheet
  3. Standards for the text:
    1. Arial font, body 12; double space; without any formatting except paragraph indent
    2. Titles and subtitles in bold
    3. Text highlights, titles of foreign works and names in italics
    4. Titles of articles in quotation marks (”)
    5. The word Self (with capital letter) and in italics and the words anima and animus in italics
    6. Lowercase usage for the terms of psychology (analytical psychology, shadow, persona, archetype, complex, ego, psyche, etc).
  4. Citations:
    1. Quotations with up to three lines must be enclosed in quotation marks (”) in the body of the text, with the author’s last name, publication date, and the page number or paragraph in parentheses ().
    2. Quotes with more than three lines change paragraph, give space and use body 10, without quotation marks, indicating at the end, in parentheses () the author’s surname, publication date and page number or paragraph. Ex: (Bachelard, 1990: 75)
    3. Do not enter footnotes. The notes should be numbered at the end of the text.
    4. Graphics and illustrations (maximum 3 per article) can be included only if strictly necessary, and must be submitted on high resolution (300 dpi) electronic media.
    5. Complete bibliographical references at the end of the text, with the list of authors in alphabetical order by author’s surname.



SURNAME, First name (Year of publication). Title. Translation Note. Edition. Location: Publisher.

Ex: BACHELARD, Gaston (1990). The Earth and the Daydreams of Rest. São Paulo: Martins Fontes.

Specific reference standard for the works of C. G. Jung:

JUNG, C. G. The Collected Works of C. G. Jung, translated by R. F. C. Hull, edited by H. Read, M. Fordham, G. Adler and Wm. McGuire. Princeton: Princeton University Press, Bollingen Series XX, volumes 1-20, referred to by the abbreviation CW followed by the volume and paragraph number. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul. OR

JUNG.C.G. Complete Works of C. G. Jung, edited by Leon Bonaventure, Leonardo Boff, Mariana Ribeiro Ferreira da Silva and Jette Bonaventure, volumes 1-18, referred to by the abbreviation OC followed by the volume number or brochure and paragraph. Petrópolis: Ed. Vozes Ltda.


TITLE OF PUBLICATION (Year of publication). Location: publisher, first volume year, and last year, if the publication is finished. Frequency (optional). Special notes (previous titles, ISSN etc.).

Ex: EDUCATION & REALITY (1975). Porto Alegre: UFRGS / FACED


INTERVIEWER (LAST NAME, First Name) (Date). Title. Publication. Interview note.

Ex: EDINGER, Edward (2004). Tomas B. Kirsch Interviews Edward Edinger. The San Francisco Jung Institute Library Journal, vol.23, no.2, p.48-66.

Dissertation and thesis:

SURNAME, First name. (Year of the defense). Title: subtitle. Place: Institution, nº of p. or vol. Indication of Dissertation or Thesis, name of the course or program of the faculty and university, and place.

Ex: OTT, Margot Bertolucci. (1983) Ideological Trends in High School Education. Porto Alegre: UFRGS, 1983. 214 p. Thesis (Doctorate) – Graduate Program in Education, Faculty of Education, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre.

Congresses and symposia:

SURNAME, First name (Date). Event Name, Event Edit Number, Year, Location. Title. Place: Editor, p. (optional).

Ex: WOOD, D. R. Augusto (2004). Latin American Congress of Jungian Psychology, 3, 2003, Salvador. Annals. São Paulo: Lector Editora.

Electronic Document:

SURNAME, First name. Title. Edition. Location: year. No. of pages or vol. (Series) (if any) Available in: Access in: day.month (abbreviated) .ano.

Ex: WOOD, Daniel Ricardo Augusto. The Alchemical Metaphor. Available at Accessed on: 10.January2005.


The Editorial Board of IBTSANDPLAY, composed of 3 Members, will reply by e-mail, within one month, about the acceptance of the work for publication on the site.

All articles published on this site are the sole responsibility of their respective authors.