15/09/2016 Destruction and Creation in the Fertile Fields of Sandplay

ISST 2017 Call PosterDestruction and Creation in the Fertile Fields of Sandplay

24th Congress of the International Society of Sandplay Therapy

Sponsored by Sandplay Therapists of America (Hawaii) and Instituto Brasileiro de Terapia de Sandplay


Date: July 19-23, 2017
Location: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Dear Colleague,

We have the pleasure to invite you to participate and submit a proposal for our next international meeting- the 24th ISST Congress.  The Congress will be held on the Big Island of Hawaii, home to Kilauea Volcano.  Here, the cycle of destruction and creation is visible as fiery lava makes its way to the ocean creating new earth.

Our main idea for the ISST Congress is to explore sandplay as a therapeutic process that allows primitive and archetypal life forms to come to the surface fertilizing and enriching new ways of being.  We welcome presentations that raise our skills and knowledge about new developments in theory and clinical practice of sandplay. We will exchange ideas via informal and formal presentations, experiential workshops, and discussions in order to establish local and international networks for research and improvements of our clinical abilities.

Themes of interest

Cross-cultural myth, symbol and stories about destruction and creation

The shadow in sandplay

Trauma of development, posttraumatic stress and resilience

Neurosciences and psychotherapy

Transference and counter transference

Alchemy process

Research projects

Experiential workshops

Abstracts are sought on topics related to the themes of interest, but submissions on a wide range of topics relevant to the field of sandplay are welcome. 

Information/Guidelines for Submission

If you are interested in presenting, please read the following information and submit your application and attachments by e-mail to isstcongress2017@gmail.com.

Deadline (firm) for submissions:  September 15, 2016

Notification of Acceptance:  December 1, 2016


There is a maximum of two presenters per presentation (with the exception of the panel discussion format).

All presenters must register for and attend the Congress.

Presenters are expected to submit electronic versions of handouts (without case material) by May 1, 2017.

Presenters are responsible for bringing handouts and supplies for experiential activities if desired.

Presentation formats

  • Seminar:  Clinical/Theoretical topic with sandplay images (60 minute presentation time/30 minute discussion)
  • Case Study:  Clinical/Theoretical topic with case study (60 minute presentation time/30 minute discussion)
  • Experiential Workshop:  (90 minutes)
  • Symposia/ Debate/Panel: several presentations of a specific issue or question. One coordinator and two or three presenters (preferable from different Societies):  (60 minutes presentation time/30 minute discussion)
  • Research Paper:  (20 minutes).   Research papers will be presented in “Research Roundtable” seminars with several research projects with time for discussion.  Concept papers, selected topics in sandplay research, and completed research projects are welcome.
  • Research Poster (maximum size- 48″ x 36″; 120 cm X 91 cm)

Questions?  Direct questions and inquiries to isstcongress2017@gmail.com.

Program Committee

Denise Ramos (Brazil)

Reinalda da Matta (Brazil)

Edna Levy (Brazil)
Suzana Hirata (Brazil)

Lorraine Freedle (Hawaii)


To complete your proposal, submit ALL of the following information in MS Word format:




Affiliation, Institution, and/or Group Member (include Sandplay Society):

E-mail address:

Full Mailing address (include country):

Mobile telephone number:



FULL NAME AND CREDENTIALS for each presenter (exactly how you would like the name/s to appear in the program brochure):

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PRESENTATION (100 words max) (relate to conference theme, to be used in program brochure):

BIOGRAPHY (150 words max) for each presenter (to be used in program brochure):

Note:  ATTACH A CV for each presenter (MS or PDF file).


____  Seminar Clinical/Theoretical topic with sandplay images (60 minute presentation time/30 minute discussion)

____  Case Study Clinical/Theoretical topic with case study (60 minute presentation time/30 minute discussion)

____  Experiential Workshop (90 minutes)

____  Symposia/Debate/Panel A coordinator and 2-3 presenters on a special topic:  (60 min. presentation/30 min. discussion)

____  Research Paper (20 minutes)

____  Research Poster (maximum size- 48″ x 36″)  






Have you presented this information before or do you plan to present this information before the 24th ISST Congress?  (yes or no)  If so, when did/will you present, where, and to what audience?

Are you a teaching member of ISST?  (yes or no)  If you are not a teaching member of ISST, please provide the name of the ISST teaching member who will sponsor your presentation:

Please check what AV equipment you will need for your presentation: 

____  Digital projector

____  I will bring my presentation on a thumb drive and will need a computer.

____  Whiteboard

____  Flip Chart

____  Work tables for participants

____  Other (please specify):  

MAHALO NUI LOA (“Thank you very much.”) 

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