“Sandplay: A Metrod for Data Analysis”

Sinopse: The psychotherapeutic technique of the Sandplay has been increasingly used due to the excellent results obtained in the treatment of different pathologies. Nevertheless, due to the predominant use among Jungian clinicians of qualitative analysis, the results are restricted to the description and interpretation of scenes, without an analysis that allows generalization and comparison of results. It is necessary to develop a qualitative-quantitative method so that it is possible to compute the results obtained by different therapists, within a homogeneous patterns in different casuistic.

This study aims the construction of a method to analyze the results of the therapeutic data of the Sandplay. The objective is to develop a method that allows the standardization of data from the pictures and verbal expressions used by the patients while working in the sandplay, as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to enable the comparison of data among several patients.

We will use, as an example, the data from three male patients between 6 and 8 years old, suffering with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). ( Matta, 2006).

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Symbols of the Alchemical Process and Sandplay Therapy

Published in The Journal of Sandplay Therapy©, vol. 20, nbr. 2, pages 41-63, 2011, USA.

Edna Garcia Levy is clinical psychologist, teaching member of Sandplay certified by the International Society for Sandplay Therapist (ISST) and founding member of IBTSANDPLAY – Instituto Brasileiro de Terapia de Sandplay. She is also a teaching member at AJB-Associação Junguiana do Brasil and IJUSP-Instituto Junguiano de São Paulo, as well as member of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP). She has a specialization degree in Psychology applied to cardiology and she is the author of the book “Tornar-se quem se é – a constelação do Self no Jogo de Areia” (Armazém Digital, 2011).

Palavras-chave: alchemy, individuation, analytical psychology, Sandplay therapy, clinical example, female, adult, analysis, depression, anxiety.

Abstract: This article draws parallels between the stages and main operations of the alchemical work and the individuation process, as it is experienced through the Sandplay method. Followin the theoretical contextualization of C.G.Jung and Edward F. Edinger, and based on a clinical case, the author demonstrates the alchemical processes that are evidenced in each scene, as well as the patient’s life at the time of the construction of the Sandplay scenes, and the psychic contents that are then elaborated in psychotherapy.

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